Tay + Zach, Engaged

I’ll never be able to fully express what it’s like to step into the story of two people.  To ask twoView full post »

Tom + Jess, Engaged

Tom and Jess don’t have much free time together these days.  Tom’s talents keep him on the road playingView full post »

Betsy + Stephen, Married in Kentucky

“….We had been driving all day long back to Nashville from Arkansas. We were exhausted and were arguingView full post »

Justin + Natalie, Engaged

We couldn’t have asked for a better evening to make images of these two. The sun chased us for two hours throughView full post »

Lauren + Rhett, Married

One of the most meaningful things we’ve experienced in our marriage is the joy that can be found in selflessness. OfView full post »

Alex + Sara, Engaged

I first took Jennifer here last summer. Most people only see one side of the Pyramid Point dune…but once youView full post »

Audrey + Paul, Married in Alabama

The day started slow. A few tasks here and there.  Boys kicking balls and girls painting nails. It truly felt likeView full post »

Khloe + Blair, Waterfall Engagement

It’s a hike to get here. Down half a mile of steep grade and another mile up the river to find the falls waitingView full post »

Jenny + Todd, Married

It was Thursday. People were on their way to work, grabbing their coffees, beeping horns…the weekly shuffle. SomeView full post »

Andrew + Rachel, Married in Leipers Fork

This is the hardest part…putting the story of what we captured into words…because it’s so difficult to find letters andView full post »

Savannah + Eliot, Married in East Nashville

I’ve known Savannah since college. we met in a photography class and have more memories of acting like childrenView full post »

Matt + Ester, Married in Chicago

we’re wildly uncertain how we were so lucky to meet these two and witness the journey to their wedding day. butView full post »

Mike + Debbie, Engaged

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Debbie. The last time I remember spending quality time with her wasView full post »